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Our Courier Delivery is ONLY R99 and you can add as many items to your cart and the price stays the same.

We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EFT’s, even bitcoin and all major payment methods for your convenience, just choose your method after you have placed your order and have been redirected to payfast.

Delivery takes 5 – 10 days after your order has been processed. Processing your order takes 1 – 3 working days, after which this the delivery time starts. We also have a delivery guarantee for a further peace of mind.

If you haven’t received your order yet and it has been 1-3 working days for us to process your order and more than 5 – 10 days for delivery after this, then it is either because there is a slight stock delay and your order is being delayed by 1 – 3 days or we have had an influx of traffic and this can delay the processing by a day or two. If the delivery time has been longer than above mentioned please contact us by clicking here: Everything Stylish or manually @ info@everythingstylish.co.za and we will assist. No need to worry about delivery as we offer FULL GUARANTEED Delivery.

YES, we deliver anywhere in SA, wherever you may be situated.

Please make use of our accurate sizing guide on each item. This conversion can also assist: Small=30, M=32, L=34, XL=36, 2XL=38, 3XL=40 as per the sizes in the shops. Also, our sizes tend to be a bit smaller than those at the shops we recommend you order one size bigger than usual (Or use our conversion as above).

We only have an online store and no physical store to keep overheads down and therefore can have lower prices! We however only charge R99 for delivery :). Our accurate sizing guide makes it easy for you to know the exact size you need and all the necessary info is on every item.

If you cannot place an order online because you do not have a credit card, etc then contact us by clicking here: Email Us or manually @ info@everythingstylish.co.za and we will happily assist you process your order and have you pay for your order via Eft, Atm Payment or Cash Deposit.

We sometimes send parcels individually based on what’s in stock first. So do not worry, you should receive the rest of your order shortly :).

Yes, please email us at marketing@everythingstylish.co.za or click here: Email Us and we will refer you to our global partners where you can order our items.